Review: Looxcie Bluetooth Headset/Camera Combo

In practice, Looxcie still doesn’t seem quite ready for its close-up. The entire headset is less than 28 grams and fairly comfortable—until you really start moving around with it on. A light jog crossing the street required holding the camera in place. Every time we bent the flexible boom to frame a shot, the whole package jerks out of ear. The problem isn’t just hardware, either. Looxcie’s app is easy-to-use: Short clips are e-mailed within a minute. But for now, it’s compatible with Android phones (sorry iDrones). Plus, you can only share footage via e-mail and Facebook (BlackBerry and Apple compatibility along with Twitter/YouTube shortcuts are purportedly on the way, but until then, it’s a limitation worth noting).

A more bitter hindrance is the $200 price tag. Consider that a GoPro 960 helmet cam comes with a waterproof casing and various mounts suitable to a plethora of conditions. It costs only $180. Oh, and it captures a 170-degree field of view … in HD (60 fps). We’re not saying you shouldn’t buy the Looxcie. If you’re a Bluetooth headset kind of a person to begin with, killing two birds could be sensible. If not, well, you’re already carrying a smart phone that shoots 15 fps. Is using one of your hands that raw a deal, guys?

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