Review: LTB Audio Q-Bean Wireless Audio Link

The LTB Q-Bean is, hands down, one of the most ill conceived wireless audio solutions we’ve ever seen. The egg shaped 2.4GHz receiver is engineered to plug into a set of headphones and wirelessly sync with a PC or Mac, letting you traipse as far as 100 feet away from your computer while listening to tunes. Trouble is, the unit is basically a design nightmare. Nevermind the flimsy, plastic, dung beetle-shell of a cover; it’s the decroded earbuds, terrible interface, and half-assed instruction manual (example text: “Receive voice input which is always on while the power is turned on.”) that made the Q-Bean borderline traumatic to use. After an excruciating set-up, we enjoyed surprisingly clear wireless audio at ranges that could put Bluetooth headphones to shame. But we kept asking the question, “Why?” Why would anyone shell out over a hundred smackers for such a garish portable music device just to be anchored to a computer? We’d rather spend the extra pocket change and get a Nano. You’re actually mobile with one of those.

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