Review: McIntosh MT10 turntable

Vinyl’s not dead. It’s just sleeping. And all those ’80s records snoozing away in your basement? They’re dreaming of doing the old 33 1/3 on McIntosh’s MT10 turntable. With a whisper-quiet DC motor, a belt-driven platter balanced to spin smoother than the solar system, and an 8-mm-thick aluminum baseplate that helps scotch sound-coloring reverberation, this 62-pound rig can help your wax tracks get their groove back. Sapphire and ceramic bearings make the tonearm’s movement almost frictionless — protecting your endangered LPs — and a custom magnetic bearing levitates the platter to isolate it from vibrations. So holster your iPod, cue up Zenyattà Mondatta (the 180-gram vinyl audiophile edition, natch) and settle in for sound so good you’ll be driven to tears.

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