Review: MiMo 710S Monitor

A USB-powered mini-monitor, the 710S folds quick (3 seconds), packs light (1.3 pounds), and offers just enough display space (7 inches, diagonally) to make it worth traveling with. Even if you’re packing a luxurious 17-inch laptop, all of us can agree it’s nice to have a few extra inches of LCD real estate. Obviously, you’re not going to rely on this one for Photoshop, and probably not for Word processing. Oh, and it’s not terrific for watching video either. But for monitoring programs like iTunes or background widgets like TweetDeck and Spotify, without hogging your main display, the 710S is handy. At the bottom of the MiMo’s 700 series, this little 800 x 480 display doesn’t feature a webcam or built-in mic. It’s also plastic and, well, a tad cheap looking. But for $150, what do you expect? Brushed metal?

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