Review: Mission Workshop Messenger Bag

For easy access to your gear, a messenger bag beats the straps off of a standard backpack any day, and it invariably offers more room to play with, too.

Mission Workshop offers three messenger bags, and they’re clearly made with real messengers in mind instead of wannabe hipsters.

The bags are tough, nylon beasts, with weatherproofing a key focus. The exterior is made from truck tarp and the interior compartment is completely coated in waterproof urethane. Even the zippers are rubberized. Plastic clips and massive Velcro pads round out the closures: If water does somehow get into the bag, which seems unlikely, it can be upturned to roll right out without a fuss.

Tough and rugged, these bags can clearly take a beating — well beyond those described by the typical “ballistic nylon” marketing talk that most packs rely on.

Available in three designs, the only major difference among the Monty, Rummy and Shed bags is size. The pint-sized Monty measures 16″ x 10″ x 5″ while the Shed stretches out to 20″ x 12″ x 6.” You also get a few more internal pockets with the two larger bags.

Otherwise they’re all available in the same five colors and the operation and usability is about the same. Consider the number of textbooks and the size of the laptop you’ll be hauling and purchase accordingly.

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