Review: Mountainsmith Modular Hauler System 3

I am a gentleman who has to transport a lot of crap. If I’m off to a bike race, I’ve got my warmup and race clothes, tools, and other equipment. If my wife and I head to the park with our two girls, we’ve got food for the kids, toys, clothes and diapers for the baby. Seems like every time I leave the house, the back of the car is packed with gear.

Mountainsmith’s system is a simple idea — three modular, color-coded bags fit neatly inside a larger shell that lets you carry it all easily. But if you like to organize things (and boy, do I!) you’ll soon find yourself fantasizing about what you can do with these. Toys in one bag, clothes in another. Or warmup gear in one, post-race clothes in the next and all the bike equipment in a third. Everything’s got a place, you can put your hands on it quickly, and the bags have stood up to all the abuse I can dish out. Plus, Mountainsmith makes an insulated version of the modular bags (for $30) so you can toast your race finish, or your parenting skills.

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