Review: MSI Wind U100

Just not serious enough for us. Chunky, scholastic feel, and tiny keys seem designed for toddlers or Hobbits. Leave this one to the Shire.

Packing the latest 1.6-GHz Atom processor and a roomy 80-GB drive, the Wind boasts some legit PC cred. Yes, your iPod probably has more drive space, but the Wind is also running good old Windows XP, saving you from the frustrations of Vista, a Linux learning curve or (perish the thought) the laughably underpowered Win CE. The 10-inch widescreen can display most fixed-width web pages comfortably, and it lacks the extra-wide bezels that make other netbook screens feel smaller than they actually are. Of course, it’s not perfect. We would have loved to see a DVD burner included and with all its ports, a mini FireWire would be welcome. But if you want a cheap and tiny companion for uploading pictures during a Malaysian jungle trek, or just a little buddy to hang out with you on the couch for IMDB searches, it’s pretty hard to be against the Wind.

  • Clock Rate: 1.6 GHz
  • Hard Drive Size: 80 GB
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