Review: MSI Wind U110 ECO Netbook

Netbooks are a lot like specialty cocktails: Only so many ingredients can be mixed before the result is either weak, overdone, or simply makes you want to barf. Although we found the MSI Wind U100 intoxicating a year ago, the U110 — with the same 10-inch screen, familiar ports and respectable, but now industry-standard, 1.6-GHz Atom processor — isn’t quite as strong an offering. But the glass isn’t half empty. This reasonably priced “upgrade” dispenses a double dose of hard drive space (160 GB!), and the six-cell battery serves up more juice than Florida (we coaxed an impressive eight-plus hours of use). But that massive battery also adds a noticeable 16 ounces of heft to the netbook. Plus, because MSI prioritized energy efficiency, it was unable to bolster the lackluster graphics. The U110 is not quite watered down, but it sure won’t put hair on your chest either.

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