Review: Nikon COOLPIX S1000pj

When Nikon released the S1000pj, we were stoked about having a projector grafted to a traditional digital camera. When we put it to the test, the camera did a decent job but was definitely, ahem, outshone by its luminous counterpart.

Many of the camera’s features — like the 11.044mm image sensor, 2.7-inch screen and 24mm wide-angle — look good on paper and proved decent in our trials. Shooting on auto mode, we consistently got clean, well-exposed pictures. Noise was never a problem when we kept the ISO below 800, but if we cranked it up any higher, images became a lost cause. Why? While the camera is capable of resolutions up to 12.1 megapixels, at ISO 3200 and 6400, the highest resolution you can get is a measly 3 megapixels.

The unit as a whole has a nice appearance (we’re especially fond of the snowy silver color) but it’s definitely a bit hefty for a compact camera. We’re going to let it slide though, because that bulk is housing this camera’s pride and joy — the projector.

The S1000pj delivered everything we would want in a small, portable projector. The picture is bright and clear while a slider on the top of the body lets you adjust the focus with ease. As with all projectors, the images look best in dark surroundings, but even in a well-lit office we were extremely impressed with the visibility.

Before you prepare to narrate (in painful detail) a 3,000-picture photo essay on the Twilight cast at Comic-Con, know that the battery will only last for about an hour in projection mode. So have an extra battery on hand, or be prepared to give your audience a break to while you recharge for round two.

Style: Compact

Resolution: 12.1 megapixels

Zoom Range: 5x optical, 4x digital

Media Format: SD/SDHC

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