Review: Nokia Lumia 625

The bigger the screen, the better. That seems to be the standard thinking among manufacturers these days when it comes to smartphones. And over the past few years, we’ve seen diameters gradually creep upward — sometimes to ridiculous proportions.

While it may not compare to the likes of a Samsung Galaxy Mega, the 4.7-inch Lumia 625 world phone is still one of the larger-screened phones in Nokia’s lineup. It’s too bad all that real estate only showcases the phone’s shortcomings.

First problem? This WVGA screen has a resolution of 800 x 480. Stretched across 4.7-inches, that translates to a dismal 201 ppi (pixels per inch). For comparison, the Galaxy S4 has a density of 441 ppi.

The 625 also lacks Nokia’s ClearBlack display technology, which is featured on some more recent Lumia models. The result is that the 625 can’t offer the same vividness, contrast, and deep blacks found on phones like the 920 and 925.

Ultimately, Nokia has made a puzzling decision with the 625. The company has literally provided more room for users to find fault with a phone that wasn’t designed to be all that impressive to begin with.

Maurizio Pesce is the technology editor at get-gadget Italia. Follow him on Twitter.

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