Review: Panasonic HDC-SX5

Yes, yes yes, we know…another Panasonic in our round-up. But wefelt that if the HDC-SD9 is a role model for how to build a greattapeless camera, then the HDC-SX5 is a prime example of how not to build one. The convergence concept may have gone a bit awry when Panasonic schemed to combine DVD and SD/SDHC media into an AVCHD (1920 x 1080) shooter. Inthe quest to give consumers more options things only get morecomplicated. The snag isn’t the high def angle because the videoquality is actually very admirable. The problem lies with the DVDintegration — it’s a headache, which adds time, expense, size, weightand a whole lotta mini DVDs to the equation. Complicating things evenmore is a somewhat arcane menu system that isn’t really geared to thenovice and takes a while to get your arms around.

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