Review: Pedro’s Master Tool Kit

As we’ve ramped up the riding here, we’ve also ramped up our bike maintenance needs. Many riders end up taking their bikes to a local shop, and that’s a great solution if you’ve got a shop you trust. But I’m just a little too anxious about handing off tasks to others that have such a large impact on my performance or safety–plus, it’s fun to tinker with your own bike.

The only trick is that compared to bikes in the past, today’s rely on many more specialized tools for proper assembly and repair. From the various standards for bottom bracket bearings to different size spoke nipples for wheel truing, you quickly find that having all of the tools you need is not only expensive, but also a simple challenge of collecting the right ones.

Pedro’s has a solution — the Master Tool Kit. Basically everything you need to work on a bike, it features 64 tools in a cool, custom-made case that let’s you toss them all in your car when you need to work on the road. Most of the tools are a joy to work with, including a great set of ratcheting combination wrenches, although we wish the finish on the tools was a little more durable, as we had some tools loose their sleek black appearance in just a couple of uses.

But if you’re starting from scratch as a bike mechanic, and don’t have a lot invested in tools, there’s no better way to go from zero to hero. It will cost you — the retail on the kit is 800 bucks — but when you can instantly put your hand on a star nut setter when you really need one, you won’t mind.

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