Review: Planet Bike Blaze

This 1-Watt LED cannon goes the extra mile, and we don’t just mean it shoots light a ridiculous distance. Due in no small part to its particularly aggressive blinking mode, accurately called superflash, it didn’t just help us catch drivers’ attentions; it had them anxiously craning their necks to check whether we were trying to pull them over, and pedestrians shouting out “I thought you were five-oh,” as we rolled by. Drawing on only 2 AA batteries, this baby cuts down on weight but its CREE XR-E diode, coupled with a specially engineered Fraen lens, still pumps out the brightest light of all the lamps we tested – enough to bounce off of signs, license plates, and other reflective materials up to 4 blocks away, giving us plenty of time to make an impression. All we have to worry about now is whether some cop-hating, GTA IV overdosing motorist trying to run us down.

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