Review: Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset

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If you don’t mind looking like an extra in a 1-800-Dentist commercial and have no reservations about looking like a crazy person yammering to yourself, the Plantronics Voyager Pro may be the perfect Bluetooth headset for you.

This headset is big, bulky and (surprise, surprise) silly looking. The 3-inch boom extending out toward your mouth is the main culprit of these crimes against style. But despite being tacky, the Voyager Pro delivers strong performance. It’s easy to use, withstands drops, bumps and haphazardly tossed laptops, has decent battery life and pairs effortlessly with a range of smart phones, including the iPhone.

Affixing the headset to your ear is not the easiest feat. This is especially true trying to do it with one hand, while driving and wearing sunglasses. But once it’s on, the Voyager is not coming off. And it’s even comfortable to wear for at least 30 minutes. Folks with sensitive ears (like mine) tend to reject auditory-oriented gizmos after about five minutes. The Voyager’s cradling quality is probably due to its hulking size that’s distributed evenly through the boom and not anchored to your ear.

The sound quality is quite good: A windy, busy street did not provide much interference with a conversation. But (according to Mom) it was obvious we were on a Bluetooth device and we sounded slightly more distant than when using the phone alone. The Voyager Pro was outperformed in this department in back-to-back calls (to Mom) by the Jawbone Prime, which has the added bonus of not looking ridiculous — unless you feel like a fuchsia-colored device looks ridiculous (yes, it comes in different colors, but we tested a fuchsia hued model).

The Voyager’s controls are fairly easy to use and consist of an on/off button, volume up and down switches and a call-control button that delivers all sorts of functions, including answering, ending, ignoring or muting calls, as well as redialing and handling incoming calls.

So, really, who would get one of these things? If you are not a vain person and don’t mind looking like you are playing CEO (or you are a vain person in a, well, different sort of way), the Voyager Pro is a good bet. Especially if you’re auditioning for a job at 1-800-Dentist.

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