Review: Polaris Rush

Whether you’re out for a leisurely snow-jaunt or a ditch-banging frost-maul, you want to see the backcountry from your snowmobile, not feel it. The engineers at Polaris have your back — literally. Five years in development, the new Polaris Rush is a terrain-tamer that melds stunning beauty and beastlike performance. The motocross-inspired rear suspension adjusts its response to the conditions, deploying a soft touch to make little bumps disappear and pushing back with more than enough stiffness in the big stuff to keep you from bottoming out and losing control. Even the rigid chassis itself is built to soak up vibration before it reaches your spine. Throw in a liquid-cooled 600-cc engine — which musters 120 snow-throwing hell horses — and a completely modular front end designed to keep its skis planted come ice, slush, or powder, and you’ve got a sled that’ll handle everything from IronDog to SnowCross to the next ice age.

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