Review: Roundup: 4 All-Weather Hiking Boots

Baby, it’s getting warm outside! The perfect excuse to stay in and crank the AC? “No way!” we say. It’s time to strap on some boots and hit the trail. These hiking boots are light enough to wear any time of the year but will have your toes covered at the first hint of foul weather — whether that means puddle-splashing in your front yard or braving an unexpected spring hail storm when blazing up a backwoods path.

1. Timberland Hypertrail

Can you fall in love with an inanimate object? Because we have a major crush on the Hypertrails. Weighing in at just 2 pounds per pair, these boots are both reasonably light and flexible. While they don’t offer quite enough ankle or footplate support for overnight backpacking, don’t underestimate them: They held up superbly over strenuous, rocky terrain and kept our feet dry in the coldest mountain streams. A fun rubber toe meant for climbing proved just as useful for kicking fallen logs as for rock-scrambling. Our one complaint? That svelte profile was achieved by skimping on insulation.

$125, timberland

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