Review: Samsung G800

Like a Bentley Azure, this luxurious silver slider is a European import fit for a pimp. Sporting sleek lines, glitzy trim and a roomy (110 MB of memory) interior it also features standard options like a microSD slot good for up to 4 GB. Like the other 5-MP cam phones we test-drove, the combination of features like Bluetooth, FM radio and HSDPA made this one fun to handle. Snapshot tweaks like auto-shake and panoramas up to six images wide were useful. But like its automotive brethren, the G800 could be easier to park. The frontside lens slider made for remarkably speedy phone-to-cam conversions, but also adds one-eighth of an inch to the footprint. The result? The G800 can’t lay flush unless it’s face down on its pristine 2.4-inch LCD.

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