Review: Samsung UN46B7000 Television

Think of Samsung’s 46-inch 7000 as an aspiring model: impossibly thin, well put together, and connected to the Net 24/7. (It has a name you can’t pronounce, too.) To attain the set’s waifish profile, Samsung replaced the standard fluorescent backlight with LEDs along the panel’s edges; they make this 1080p beauty slimmer and brighter than conventional LCD panels and draw a lot less electricity. The TV also aced our processing tests like a Rhodes scholar, rendering poorly ripped, choppy content more than watchable. It’s incredibly bright — even in a day-lit room full of windows — and its vibrant colors required surprisingly little calibration. It even delivers sports scores, photos, weather, and more via Yahoo Widgets. The perfect date? Possibly, but you pay dearly for the privilege.

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