Review: Scandyna Audio System

When the Scandyna designers came up with the Podspeaker line, they must have been on a sci-fi flick binge – every audio component from this line looks like a mini alien army built to infiltrate Earth’s desktops and living rooms. The space-age design isn’t some decoy, though, because the drops have some impressive pedigree under the hood. The speaker technology was originally developed by the hi-fi gurus at B&W, who also built the uber-cool, high-performance Zeppelin iPod speaker.

The drops look rad just sitting on a table or desk, but they can also be hung from a ceiling for extra-groovy audio action (hmm, I wonder how they sound swinging from side to side). To complete the effect, the amp can be mounted on a wall. Forget about a small footprint, this system has no footprint.

The amp has 50 pumped up watts per channel, so when it’s time to turn up the Wu Tang or M.I.A., you don’t need to flinch as you dial up the volume – this system has some serious punch. In the high ranges, you can hear the smallest details in the music, and with the excellent imaging, instruments and sounds pop out all over the room. The soundstage is solid, too, so you don’t have to be front and center to enjoy the beautiful sound quality. The bass is tighter than a drum, although somewhat thin in the deep end – hey, you can’t have everything. Overall, this is one of the best-sounding small speaker systems I’ve heard in some time.

Just be warned: These speakers may sound heavenly, but the price tag is also out of this world. Be sure you’re ready to plop down some serious cash if you’re serious about getting a set.

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