Review: Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser’s new headphones are more than just good-looking, they’re downright sexy. Maybe it’s all the brown leather, but the Momentums seem to be steeped in that same, oddly masculine brand of cool that hovers like a halo over the best gear from 30 or 40 years ago. Pair them with two fingers of Lagavulin 21-year for your next listening session in the den, and you’ll catch the vibe.

The Momentums represent Sennheiser’s attempt at a “fashion” headphone, a product with mass appeal priced for high-rolling consumers. It’s a little weird to see one of the biggest, most revered names in high-fidelity audio jumping into a such trend-driven market. But the sound lives up to the Sennheiser name, and we can be thankful for the company’s distinctly German take on “fashion,” which has more to do with mature, restrained style than shiny black plastic.

The materials are lavish. The leather on the earpads — supplied by Pittards and sourced from sheep raised among the verdant hills of Somerset, England — is extremely soft and supple. I’m also a big fan of the headband design: a thin strip of stainless steel with finely stitched leather padding at the crown.

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