Review: Sharp LC65E94U

Holy crap this is a seriously big-ass TV. You have no idea how big 65-inches is until you see one in person. (Go down to your local Best Buy and check one out if you don’t believe me.) Thankfully its torch-bright picture and effective motion-smoothing 120 Hz refresh mean this set looks great, because at this size any glitches would be visible from space. Our testers also noted very dark blacks and high contrast when we dialed back the brightness for darkened room movie viewing while its color looked great even on default settings. But with great size comes great price: you could buy a decent used Honda for this set’s pricetag.

get-gadget Thin-bezeled case looks awesome around this big screen. Great color. Motion-smoothing feature makes high speed sports (Football, Jai alai) look like you’re watching the action live. Set dropped $1000 after we first saw it earlier this year.

No extras like the ability to show pictures from play music from USB drives. Remote control covered with identical-looking non-descript buttons — hell in the dark.

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