Review: Shure SE-110

You can drop a lot of scratch on Shure earphones. And you probably won’t be disappointed-until your credit card bill arrives with a five hundred dollar charge for something you’ll be plugging into an MP3 player.

Shure knows that not everyone is a razor-eared audio snob, so a set of earphones designed for Mr. and Mrs. John Q.iPod was more necessity than novelty. The result, the single-driver SE110s deliver great sound isolation and audio that is absolutely good enough for that Britpop you (secretly) ripped at 128kbps-and far better than anything else we’ve seen south of Benjamin.

If you try them out on audio files with a higher bitrate, you’ll need pretty keen hearing to pick out the failings-a little blur in the midrange, somewhat squishy bass-but when that credit card statement shows up, you probably won’t be able to hear the difference over your hoots of frugal elation.

get-gadget Detailed highs, great noise-blocking. Comes with two lengths of headphone cord-that both fit in the iPhone’s 3.5mm jack. Magic black ear-sleeves are the most comfortable in-ear anything we’ve ever used.

TIRED A tad muddy in the lower mids. Bass won’t rattle your brain. A little bulky, but when size goes down, price goes up.

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