Review: Solaire Everywhere Grill

The Solaire Everywhere harnesses the power of infrared heat to do its grilling and, surprise surprise, it’s not some cheap gimmick — the grill actually delivers.

Measuring 17 by 10 inches and weighing just 15 pounds, the Solaire is just as portable as a briefcase but works like a dreamboat. The grill was ready to cook a mere five minutes after turning it on, and with a maximum measured temperature just over 700º F, we were able to sear our food with delicious grill marks and juicy insides. Unfortunately, with a lid that isn¿t designed for flame-on use and burners that kick out such an insane amount of heat, slow cooking is not a viable option. But who wants to slow roast a pork belly when tailgating anyway?

The Solaire is actually designed for portability and we preferred this grill for snacking and travel. But we also found an unexpected side result of the unit’s speed and ease — the grill began to spontaneously creep into other culinary undertakings. Want fresh grilled chicken on your pasta? Ready in just a few minutes. Fish, veggies and thinner pieces of meat cook so quickly, with juices sealed inside, that it makes grilling an afterthought to the food preparation process, rather than the focal point.

The widely available camping propane bottles give portability to the grill, but we found ourselves nervous with the propane hook-up that positions the bottle at a downward angle, or leaves it dangling off the side of your picnic table. This possible weak point didn’t cause us any problems (or explosions) in testing, but we suspect it may eventually lead to a material failure at a crucial spot. Additionally, cranking out high BTUs rapidly consumes propane and some of the grill’s efficiency is lost as you burn through the fuel. Both of these issues are possibly resolved with the optional 20-pound tank connector, but at the expense of the unit’s highly attractive portability.

Ultimately, the Solaire Everywhere is the ideal side-grill for someone who already has a backyard slow-cooker and wants something to zip through the foodstuffs that need to be blasted with hot, fast heat.

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