Review: Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

For those in the market for a portable wireless speaker, there are three options.

First, there are the massive boomboxes — they produce guttural, thumping bass, and they’re LOUD. And while they work really well on the pool deck or at a picnic, these bulky speakers are not exactly designed for quick getaways. You might need a forklift to carry one around the house.

Then there are bazillion smaller speakers — the Jawbone Jambox ($180) being the most popular by far. These offer more delicate sound with less boom and more sonic finesse. You won’t be able to crush your neighborhood with a wall of bone-smashing death metal, but you’ll at least hear the guitar licks clearly. Best of all, these speakers are extra-portable — small enough to fit into a picnic basket, and usually ruggedized a bit to handle the beach or the park, or at least all the bumps that come along with travel.

Then there are those speakers that slot right in between. They pump loud and pristine audio out of handsomely designed boxes that work well in any medium-size space in your home. They make a racket, but they won’t peel the paint. And they have plenty of low end, but they won’t get you evicted. While not pocket-sized, they’re light enough to carry around comfortably.

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