Review: Sony NSZ-GS7 with Google TV

Two years after the disastrous Logitech Revue, Google returns for another stab at internet TV, this time partnering with Sony on a standalone box. We can say one thing for sure: With a sleek remote, zippy processor, and fetching (for a streaming device) new curved design, the 1080p NSZ-GS7 definitely gets the hardware right.

Unfortunately, while Google has worked to simplify the UI, the software is still plagued by bugs and crashes. It took me over an half hour to get the GS7 up and running. And once I did, there were still a bunch of random restarts and freezes.

Even more disappointing is that once again networks like ABC, NBC, Fox, and Comedy Central block streaming video through Google TV’s Chrome browser, diminishing the appeal of having a standalone browser to begin with. Strangely, many of the “apps” are really just optimized versions of the actual websites. Add to that a dearth of dedicated streaming apps, and you’re left with a pretty box, very little content, and that familiar sour taste of unfulfilled potential.

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