Review: Sony Vaio Pro

I dare say Sony’s Vaio Pro 13 is everything you could want in an ultrabook. Until the MacBook Air gets a much-needed screen upgrade (when’s that happening, Apple?), this svelte number from Sony is arguably the best ultralight money can buy.

Let’s start with the “ultra” part of the equation. At 2.3 pounds, it’s the lightest 13.3-inch laptop I’ve ever tested, and by far the most lightweight machine I’ve seen in the Windows 8/touchscreen era — a full half pound lighter than the vaunted Toshiba KIRABook. Clad in black carbon fiber, it’s so light I thought maybe the battery wasn’t installed when I first picked it up. (It’s non-replaceable, so that answers that question.) At 18 mm thick, it’s also right in line with some of the thinnest ultrabooks on the market.

Other than its extreme portability, the design doesn’t reinvent the Sony experience: a slick rectangle with mostly matte finishing, brushed metal for the palmrest, a touch of chrome, and squared off corners. The rear edge of the screen overlaps the hinge, causing the keyboard to incline a bit when you open the laptop, a clever design idea.

At $1,249 (both base price and as configured), the Vaio Pro 13 isn’t cheap. But it isn’t deathly expensive, either. Knock it down to $1,100, squish the little bugs, and you’ve got a perfect machine on your hands.

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