Review: Sony Xperia Z

How many times a day do you touch the power button of your smartphone?

According to Sony Mobile, the average number of button-presses is 76. No surprise, then, that the company has put so much engineering detail into that big, round, silver button sticking out of the right-hand side of the Xperia Z handset. Among the crop of lookalike Android phones, this alone makes the Z stand out. It doesn’t stun you with awe or anything, but this new handset is certainly more of a looker than those awkward Xperias of yesteryear. Oddly, it’s not yet available from a U.S. carrier, but it’s a worthy contender if you’re looking for an unlocked device to hack, or to play around with.

Maurizio Pesce is the technology editor at get-gadget Italia. Follow him on Twitter.

UPDATE: Corrections were made concerning the Xperia Z’s pixel density and the availability of the Xperia ZL.

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