Review: Swiffer SweeperVac

The original Swiffer’s electrostatic-cloth-on-a-stick did a great job pulling up dust and small clumps of pet hair, but anything larger — crumbs, leaves, random detritus — just got pushed around until you came through with a broom or vacuum.

Thankfully, the SweeperVac has more sucking power than the collective attendees at the AVN awards. It combines a Swiffer with a cordless, rechargeable, Dustbuster-style hand vac mounted near the bottom of the pole, just ahead of the dust cloth. Don’t expect Dyson-caliber vacuum power here, but the combination works well enough to leave a kitchen or bathroom floor cleaner than any broom ever could — and with a lot less effort involved.

Keeping with Swiffer tradition, the double-jointed head corners nicely. And with a travel weight of just 3.6 pounds, the SV is light enough that you won’t tire after five minutes of, uh, sweepvac-ing. However, the hardware-fattened pole prevents the contraption from reaching more than a few inches under coffee tables, ottomans and other low-lying furniture — areas the original Sweeper could invade with ease.

What’s more, any cordless vacuum worth its salt should stand battle-ready in a charging dock. The SV stands on the floor, dockless, instead relying on an AC adapter you have to plug in and connect whenever you want to recharge. There’s a plastic loop on the SV’s handle for hanging on a hook or nail, but that’s hardly an elegant solution.

Still, Swiffer’s hybrid isn’t meant to take the place of your vacuum cleaner. It’s more of a fancy broom and dustpan, a room sprucer-upper you whip out when you remember company’s coming in five minutes. And for that, it’s nice to have around.

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