Review: The Zythos Project Brauler Beer Growler

If you’re so serious about your beer that you buy directly from a brewpub, you use a growler, a refillable half-gallon glass jug made for transporting and storing tap-fresh beer. But glass has problems. Aside from being slippery and fragile, it allows in light, which can cause certain chemicals in hops to smell and taste skunky. The striking new Bräuler solves all of that. Snug in its optional grippy neoprene sleeve ($15), the laser-etched stainless-steel beauty kept beer colder longer than the glass growler that was the control in our test. It’s also more durable, lighter (1.3 pounds vs. 2 pounds), dishwasher-safe, and better at maintaining carbonation. Coming soon: a CO2-powered “FreshCap” that will keep the contents under pressure.

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