Review: Topeak WhiteLite HP 1W AA

While not the sharpest bulb on our handlebars, the WhiteLite HP AA is in it for the long haul. Don’t get us wrong – just like other 1-Watt LED headlamps, this portable, all-in one lamp is more than a glorified blinky. When engineering this light, Topeak got all snippy, cutting the cords to one of its external power pack lights and reengineered it to accept three AA batteries. Its widely diffused beam covers plenty of surface area and earned our trust by helping us dodge nasty potholes, tree roots on unlit paths – we were even able to avoid the, uh, tootsie rolls the neighbor’s dog likes to deposit on the sidewalk. But where this guy really shines is in perseverance, by lasting 30 hours on high and a whopping 120 on flash.

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