Review: Toshiba Libretto W105

Dedicating half your laptop to 80-odd keys is such a waste of space — at least, that’s the message we’re getting from the new Toshiba Libretto W105. With two 7-inch touchscreens, the 1.2-GHz machine does triple duty as a notebook computer, media player, and e-reader. Juggling serious work? The upper screen presents a typical Windows 7 OS while the lower pane hosts one of six keyboards. Catching up on Modern Family? Fill the top window with Hulu while you cruise Wikipedia for spoilers below. And if you’re feeling literary, turn the Libretto sideways and load up Toshiba’s ebook software. It shows one page on each side, just like the printed books Grandpappy used to read. For those not quite ready to surrender their physical keyboard, Toshiba will still sell plenty of models equipped with those clickety-clack contraptions. Perhaps you’d like one with a floppy disk drive and a 2,800-baud modem?

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