Review: ts02 Thinksoud

Thinksoud claims these buds are just about the eco-friendliest sound makers you can put in your ears. The housing is made out of sustainable wood (though the inner workings are aluminum) and the cables are PVC-free. But the real eco-ness is in the packaging. Made out of bleach-free recycled materials and using minimal plastic, there’s no need to wrestle these puppies out of a blister pack or hard plastic bubble. They also come with a carrying pouch made out of renewable cotton. Still, the eco-friendly angle feels a little gimmicky. Very little of the buds are actually wood. The cotton pouch isn’t insulated and, as such, doesn’t offer much protection from the outside world.

The PVC-free cables have an oddly tacky feel that makes them almost stick together, which makes untangling them extra annoying. And, though Thinksound claims they’re rugged, all the recycled materials make the headphones feel awfully dainty.

Nonetheless, there’s one thing that can’t be denied about these buds, and that’s how great they sound. The wood housing, gold plated plug, and tight seal inside your ear all combine to deliver deep bass and well-rounded overall tones. Whether you’re into saving the planet or not, the quality and fidelity of these buds makes them worth the $80 price tag.

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