Review: Vinturi Wine Aerator

Clear, bullet-shaped and mysterious, the Vinturi looks like a component from a Cylon regeneration ship. But it has a nobler mission than birthing remorseless killing robots: The Vinturi’s job is to instantly aerate wine, softening harsh tannins and imparting a mellow, aged flavor.

It works through an application of Bernoulli’s principle: As the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within that fluid decreases. The Vinturi uses that pressure difference to draw in just the right amount of air, bubbling it together with the wine to aerate your beverage perfectly. You simply pour the wine from a bottle into the oversized shot glass-like reservoir, then listen to it gurgle through the Vinturi and splash into the glass below.

We used a blind taste test to check the Vinturi’s claims. We poured an expensive Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (over $100) and an inexpensive Monterey Pinot Noir (under $10) directly into one pair of wineglasses, then poured the same wines through the Vinturi into another pair of glasses. Our tasters — who included professional wine judges from AppellationAmerica— favored the Vinturi-processed wines each time, and were surprised to learn that the wine in each glass was from the same bottle.

The Cabernet was harsh and tannic right out of the bottle but became softer and accessible to the palate after being poured through the Vinturi. The cheap Pinot Noir tasted more refined and smoother after its pass through the Vinturi. Each time the device added a better bouquet, better flavors, and a smoother finish.

So here’s a toast to Rio Sabadicci, Vinturi’s inventor, for creating a product that is as effective as it is elegant. Pour us another.

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