Review: Waring Martini Maker

Let’s put on our Captain Obvious cape for a moment and deliver this nugget of wisdom: There’s no good reason for anyone to buy the Waring Martini Maker. No good reason it should exist at all. For one long minute this device does through electrical what your arms can achieve in a mere 10 seconds… and it does a worse job of it too. But the Waring Martini Maker does exist. And for that reason, we had no choice but to try it out.

Smaller than a blender, the Martini Maker is at least unobtrusive on your counter: A standard 20-ounce cobbler shaker sits snugly on a cup-like base, and a telescoping lid locks it down when you’re ready to start mixing. Load ingredients normally, then choose from “shake” or “stir.” The former causes the cobbler to jump up and down, the latter rotating the shaker around its center (which is not really “stirring” but “spinning”).

Our scientific tests showed that you’ll do far better with 10 seconds of elbow grease than the full one-minute run time in the Waring. We tried making our favorite Casino cocktail recipe (gin, Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, orange bitters), using identical amounts of ice, in both the Waring and a hand shaker. Ten seconds by hand got the drink down to 26.6 degrees, while a minute on “shake” in the Waring only got it to 29.9. (As expected, the low-impact stir mode was even worse, getting the drink to just 33.7 degrees.) And drinks from the Waring warmed up faster too: After three minutes our hand-shaken drink was at 31.1 degrees; the Waring’s all the way up to 36.6.

One bright spot: Drinks mixed in the Martini Maker are clearer than those shaken by hand, as the gentle action breaks off fewer ice crystals that end up in the glass. All the better to help you drink enough concoctions from the device so you’ll likely feel better about the $100 outlay.

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