The new Apple TV will not support 4K-video

Not so long ago on the Internet there were rumors that the new Apple TV set-top box will be released this summer. It is expected to be integrated with Siri, the new OS, access to the App Store, the new processor. However, support for ultra-high resolution video, apparently, it will not have.

The journalist John Paczkowski, known for his always confirmed “insides” of Apple works, told BuzzFeed about Apple’s decision to abandon support for 4K. According to him, Apple does not want to work with 4K, because the development of the format “is still in its infancy.”

Despite the fact that the capacity of the new A8 chip should be enough to play this video, the market is simply not ready. On Amazon, Netflix and YouTube content of this quality is very little, and people living in the absence of supporting 4K TVs, in addition, in many cities simply do not have fast enough access to the Internet. That’s why Apple does not want to invest money in a function that most buyers will not be able to take advantage.

The new Apple TV has not yet been presented, but it has been known for quite a lot about the set-top box. The device should receive 64-bit processor A8 (the same as that was used in iPhone 6). RAM capacity will be increased up to a gigabyte. Also, presumably, the amount of built-in storage will increase too.

Apple installs an updated OS compatible with App Store to set-top box. You will be able to manage your gadget using the voice assistant Siri. There will also be implemented advanced integration with “smart” home, “the heart” of which, perhaps, will be the new consoles.

The current generation of Apple TV is based on a single-core processor modifications A5 (dual-core version was used in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S). The device has 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. Release of new consoles, according to BuzzFeed, will be held at the WWDC 2015 from 8 to 12 June in San Francisco.

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